• First install the automatic1111 fork by following the instructions on its GitHub page. You should be able to run its own webui interface by going to

  • Optionally run git checkout master and git pull -r in the stable-diffusion-webui folder to upgrade to the latest version

  • Add --no-gradio-queue --cors-allow-origins=http://localhost:5173, to your commandline arguments used to start the Automatic1111 fork. (In the webui-user.bat file on Windows)

  • Launch the automatic1111 webui with those arguments (on windows start the webui.bat script)

  • Go to

  • click on the ⓘ icon to go to the model info tab

  • click on the Reset to default values button and confirm by clicking Yes.


The webui should run on the 7860 port. Running on local URL: appearing in the console. It happens that if you restart the webui too soon that the port is changed to 7861. In that case, wait a minute and start again until it’s on port 7860


It does not work with the brave browser by default and potentially some strict adblockers. You’ll need to deactivate the brave shield for this page. Note that diffusion-ui does not use tracking of any kind, they just don’t like the fact that the backend config is downloaded from I guess…